end of life

End Of Life Care

End of life careIt is very hard to live with a serious or terminal medical condition. You can never be completely certain of how it will affect you, and your family and friends.

We will make your life as comfortable as we can by concentrating on personal care and practical care.

We will follow any guidance given by the medical professionals who are treating you, and any relevant customs or religious practice.

We will also liaise with your loved ones about any programme of support we develop with you.

We will liaise with any other person or organisation contributing to your well-being, and we will ensure that we cooperate fully with them, so that you derive the most benefit from the services you have in place with us and elsewhere.

To maintain a sensitive and dedicated service, we like the people who use our service to know that we fully support our own people who do this kind of work, because it can be both challenging and emotional.