Hospital Discharge

Sick Older WomenWe can help support a quick recovery following long or short term hospital admission. The support you need will depend on the nature of your medical condition and the outcomes you seek.

We can provide a re-ablement service which will be designed to help re-learn any lost skills or learn new ones to compensate for any difficulties you may have acquired.

We can provide emergency assistance – if you are suddenly in need of immediate help at short notice.

We can provide a comfort check – this will be to check you are feeling well and secure. You might not need any other kind of support, but still need some reassurance from a professionally trained member of staff.

Our purpose is to get you back to your normal life as soon as possible.

As with all other types of support we provide, it will hinge on what you need.

Usually, you will require the most care immediately after you are discharged. For example, you may need help with dressing and grooming, meal preparation and mobility. As you become better, the support activities may become more moderate – getting shopping or prescriptions, escorting you to hospital, your GP, optician or hairdresser, and suchlike.

We can either increase or reduce the intervention we provide, depending on how your recovery progresses and, crucially, how much support you feel you should have.